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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

May 23, 2022

Today, my beautiful friend Selina Pagan is going to be joining me for an amazing chat and training!

Selina is going to be talking all about how to be the glitch - and lead with your soul in your biz!

Selina is a Sass-mouthed starseed. Soul-centered advocate. Creative consultant with a side of ghetto mystic. She mentors Light Leaders and New Earth Influencers to activate real change in the world by co-creating innovative + ego melting + consciousness-evolving content and lifestyle empires from SOUL. An artist of life, who lives and expresses from the heart, she inspires creativity through a process called Sourcery, which activates the visionary power of the heart, expressing the wonder and ecstatic beauty of the soul. Her mission is to crumble old paradigms of self-slavery and shift into a free spirited experience of life outside the matrix.

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