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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Aug 14, 2022

Doesn’t it seem like you hear the same objections over and over again? Like you typically get the same ones such as TIME AND MONEY?? Today, you’re going to hear three simple tips for handling objections! I want people to feel comfortable knowing how to handle a conversation and not feeling like you have to overcome

Oct 25, 2021

Are you unapologetic about the amazing power that you have?⁠

If you're still learning how to use your power, or even if you have it figured out - this episode is for YOU!⁠

My friend Allyson Roberts will be joining me to talk about how to create outcomes (even if they seem impossible) in your business and life by...

Jan 18, 2021

In today's episode, I'm talking with my friend Stevie Wright.

Stevie is a self-love coach and a breathwork facilitator. After pursuing healing of going through pain, struggles, seeking to validate and find her value, she now helps other women do the same. Stevie works with women around divine femininity and...

Jan 11, 2021

Being resilient is a choice, you have to decide to do it every single day.

You have to work on it, and as Amberly says, “You have to work on changing your perspective through every situation that life brings you.”

Amberly Lago is a Motivational Speaker, Best-Selling author, podcaster, and her life story of...

Dec 10, 2020

My guest today, Marie-Claire is such an inspiration to see what hard work, grit, and determination can do for you and your business. She does affirmations daily, and she never gave up on her dream. And she is still going! 

There is a higher power out there in the Universe, that wants more for you. You just have to allow...