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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Nov 22, 2021

Don't you wish converting was easy? IT IS!⁠

In today’s episode, my friend Roshni Baronia will be joining me to talk all about how to stop leaving money on the table!⁠

Roshni will be sharing with us...⁠

2 Mistakes people make while following up⁠

3 Mindset blocks why people do not follow up ⁠

4 Components of an effective follow-up strategy⁠

Roshni Baronia is a certified Strategic Sales expert, award-winning entrepreneur, and Host of Ace the Sales Podcast. She helps busy business owners break through their income ceiling without adding any new marketing, tech, team, or stress to their lives. ⁠

Roshi has a podcast called Ace The Sales, she is a TEDx Speaker, she is the author of How to Revolutionize Your Sales Mindset, and featured as one of the top 20 women consultants in India for 2020!

We definitely have an amazing, accomplished woman in today’s episode!

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