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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Aug 26, 2021

Today I’m sharing 3 tactical reasons you’re not getting clients. And by tactical I mean immediate, actionable steps that you can start changing now so that you can start getting sales!

There could be a lot of reasons you’re not getting clients. But these are tactical reasons - immediate actionable steps you can change now to make sales happen.

I want you to really evaluate as I’m talking about them, “Am I doing this in my business or am I not doing them?” So that you can get results.

When we’re in reality with our results and why they’re happening - and this isn’t an area for us to judge ourselves or be mean to ourselves, but just look at it for what it is. 

These are 3 things I do with my clients and ask them right away! I hope you enjoy and I’d love to hear your favorite takeaways! DM me on Instagram @healthystepswithnicole

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