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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

We can all use help to help us boost our sales! You get to a point where you can’t do it all, or shouldn’t do it all!  It’s so much more powerful when you’re working with someone who believes in you, wants to see you succeed, and is a cheerleader for you.

My guest today,  Karissa Hanson, can find that person for you. Karissa Hanson is a matchmaker for Virtual Assistants, and I love this because there is such an important element to the relationship besides the person just doing work for you. There needs to be a genuine connection! They’re doing work for something that means a lot to you. 

She makes sure your core values, your interests, your passions are aligned, and you’re authentically engaged. (How great is that??)  And this is one of the reasons Karissa loves doing what she does.

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