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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Apr 12, 2021

We are so much more than the roles we fill.

My guest today knows all too well the guilt of not feeling fulfilled and happy in being ‘just’ a mom. That was her dream, what she always wanted in life. But when it came…..she felt like she wanted more. And she felt guilty for that.

Emilie Karun is here with me today, and she is not just one of my good friends, but also an amazing female empowerment and success coach for moms. Her mission is to help moms remember who they are, reignite their passion, and reclaim their power to create the lives they were meant to live. This applies to all women too, not just moms! As a mom herself though, she understands the struggle to recognize our power, to really see ourselves, to trust ourselves, and to really get unapologetic about the women that we are and the shit we’re here to do. Her mission is to help women see their worth and power in a world hell-bent on making them think they have none. 

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