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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Sep 8, 2022

My guest today is my friend, Nicole Kalil!

In today’s episode, Nicole is giving you tips on what the confidence derailers are, what the builders of confidence are, and how we can tap into the confidence that already exists inside of us because that’s exactly where it is! 

Nicole’s passion for eliminating gender expectations and redefining “Woman’s Work” is both what keeps her up at night, and what gets her up in the morning. 

Well that, and an abundant amount of coffee.

As an in-demand speaker, leadership strategist, author, respected coach, and host of the “This Is Woman’s Work” podcast, her stalker-like obsession with confidence sets her apart from the constant stream of experts telling us to BE confident.  She actually shares how you build it, and gives actionable tools that you can implement immediately. 

A fugitive of the C-suite at a Fortune 100 company, she has coached hundreds of women in business, which has given her insight into what - structurally, systematically and socially - is and isn’t serving women and leaders within an organization.

Maintaining some semblance of sanity in her different roles of wife, mother, business owner successfully is an ongoing challenge… in whatever free time she has, she enjoys reading and wine guzzling, is an avid cheese enthusiast, a hotel snob, and a reluctant peloton rider.

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