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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Mar 28, 2022

Are you a big visionary with dreams spinning around in your head but haven’t figured out how to take action and turn them into a reality??

Jackie Cote is here with me to share the power and importance of having a VISION and turning it into a reality! 

Coach Jackie is a Visionary Leadership Coach who helps you create the life of adventure and freedom you truly desire by awakening, empowering, and owning the leader within that is dying to come out and play!   Jackie is a Jersey girl at heart who is now living out her dream of freedom and adventure by traveling the country in an RV with her man and 2 pups meeting virtual friends and changing lives on her terms.  After 30 years in leadership management in the restaurant industry, she has mastered the ability to help people see what they can not see, believe that they can do more than they ever thought they could, and take the inspired action to make it happen.

Vision helps our brain function on the known so it can think differently than we do right now so we can have what we desire in the future.  Find out in today’s episode how this works, where you can begin, and why we get stuck or can't see a vision for ourselves!

Let’s turn your vision into a reality!

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