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Healthy Steps with Nicole's Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

I’m being joined by my amazing friend and branding expert, Jessica Krewson!

Jessica will be giving us the inside scoop on how being ON-BRAND is the SALES AMPLIFIER. Plus, how to be “on-brand” in your business and marketing so that sales become that much easier!!

Jessica Krewson is the Brand Fairy for Coaches and Healers. She empowers feminine, spiritually based entrepreneurs to build wildly successful businesses through mindset, brand coaching, marketing strategy, consulting programs, and community.

With over 14 years of brand and digital marketing agency experience, Jessica takes the visions and dreams of powerful entrepreneurs and develops them into strong, aligned personal brands.

With these successful marketing strategies, Jessica's clients exude confidence and business acumen that create more INFLUENCE, IMPACT, AND REVENUE!

This conversation was packed with value! I’d love to hear your takeaways! Comment in my Facebook group, Nicole Sales Superstars or let me know on Instagram  @unscriptedwithnic

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